Dogs at Schappacher Park

Dogs at Schappacher Park
Dogs at Schappacher Park

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cottell Park

Cottell Park is located at the corner of Snider Road and Irwin-Simpson Road in Deerfield Township. The historic Snyder House sets in the middle of the park. Locals tell me that at one time, groves of trees dotted the landscape, and back then, visitors would go on hayrides on the property.

Suburban homes now surround the park, making it not quite as natural a setting as Corwin M. Nixon Park but still worth your while. And part of its charm is its convenient location. The park track measures one mile, which makes it easy to record your distance.

The park boasts a quaint pond, a play area, tennis courts, and a veteran’s memorial, among other amenities. The last time I was there, the park advertised summer movie nights on the lawn on Fridays. For more information, please visit

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